What is a Skill Development Coach?

A basketball coach who specialises in helping basketball player’s improve their skills, understanding of the game. We work with all ages and skilled player’s with a skill criteria to ensure each player improves. We focus on the fundamentals of the game and mastering the basic’s.

We also help improve any weakness in a player from on court skills to off court strength & conditioning, nutrition and mind-set.

Who is Head Skill Coach Andy?

Andy has played basketball since the age of 8yrs old.

Driving his neighbours crazy as he spent most of his time playing basketball on his drive way. His hard work and dedication paid off as he played for Ware Rebels in the National Junior League(U17) & Herts County team under Coach Dave Titmus(England International Coach)

At 5ft 6inch tall Andy new the odd's where against him to making it far in the world of basketball where the average height is well over 6ft 4inches tall. He knew he couldn't rely on natural talent, he would have to work extra hard both on court by perfecting his jump shot and using his quickness and dribble moves to get around the defence along with being in tremendous physical shape so he could out work his opponents and be strong enough to take the physical play of playing against much bigger and more talented players. His relentless passion and hard work paid off as he went on to play for MK Lions(BBL along with Ware Rebels(NBL Division 1), Thames Valley Tiger.

He is currently England Basketball Level 2 coach, Impact basketball Skill specialist, with over 18years of experience working within the gym. 

With his background and passion for the game you will receive the highest level of coaching plus he is a very friendly, humble & down to earth nice guy.

His goal now is to help share his knowledge and experience to up and coming basketball players to help guide them to become the best players they can become both on and off the court. Any Question or advice: [email protected]

Who uses a Skill Development Coach?

Any level or aged player who wishes to improve their basketball skills. You may be a beginner who wants to accelerate your general basketball skills.

A intermediate player who is looking to improve their weakness to make a team at school, college or national league.

Advanced player looking to improve weakness or add specific aspects to their game to earn more playing time on a team or maybe to earn a college scholarship or professional  contract.

How can a Skill Development coach help me?

Skill Development coach focuses on the fundamentals of the game, from footwork, movement, ball handling, shooting to understanding the game. We drill and master the basic's before slowly adding more advanced and challenging drills. Becoming a better basketball player is a long-term investment, it doesn't happen over night but we have a system of ensuring player's will steadily improve if they are dedicated and consistent with their training. 

Firstly we asses & discuss a players strength's & weaknesses and design a session plan, through using specific and purposeful drills to ensure you are improving.

It take a lot of hard work, dedication, time and effort to get better so each player must be prepared to put in the time and effort to make steady improvements.

Can I still join Relentless Basketball and play for a seperate Team?

YES! Remember we are based on skill development, therefore helping players improve so they can play at a higher level, getting more playing time and improve their overall basketball skills. Our session can be extra along with your team practice and games. I'm sure you coach would appreciate you putting in extra work to improve yourself and therefore the chances of your team winning. NBA Players often train with a private trainer to enhance their skills in off days or the off season then go back to there teams a better player.

How are the sessions different from a traditional Team practice?

Sessions are specific to each player and are designed to work on the areas of your game that we agree need improving. Drills are purposeful and completed at game speed to mimic a game environment, we aim to get as many purposeful reps as possible within each session. Each session will include some form of ball-handling, shooting, movement, half court and full court drill's which will push you to keep progressing and improving. 

How good do you have to be to hire a Skill Development coach?

We offer sessions for all level and aged players from beginners, intermediate & advanced players, we are here to help you become a better basketball player and maximise your potentially. Therefore it doesn’t matter which level you are currently; its all about trying to get better.

How much will I improve?

It must be understood becoming a better basketball player, takes hard work, dedication and persistence. There are no quick easy results but we guarantee you will steadily improve whilst working with us. Ultimately it will come down to how hard you work and the time, effort you put in to your own practice that will determine how far you go! Becoming a better player is a long-term investment, those who really like the grind of getting on the court each day to improve will make the most improvement's. 

Fundamental’s NOT followers!

Our sessions are NOT designed to be flashy so we can post fancy clips on social media, we focus on the basic fundamental’s, practicing and mastering these skills, then building on these to help make you a complete basketball player. Once the basics are mastered we will slowly add more advanced drill and skills to each session. Becoming a better player is a long-term investment, those who really like the grind of getting on the court each day to improve will make the most improvement's.

What is the ‘Focusing on the Process’?

Focusing on the process is the most important aspect to becoming a better at anything! 

You must learn to love the process of actually practicing and working out each day. Day in day out you must be consistent with your practice habits, weight room & nutrition plan, otherwise you simple won't get better. Ultimately you can NOT control the outcome! 

There are NO GUARANTEES but you can control what you do TODAY and we believe hard work, dedication, determination will win in the end!

What’s the biggest mistake you see a player make or why don’t they improve?

The main issue is players are unwilling to be honest with themselves and admitting they have weakness. Once your ready to work on your weakness you MUST have a plan to address these. These drills and practices must be purposeful and game like, otherwise they wont translate onto the court in a real game situation. Playing games or 1-on-1 it not going to make you a better player! Working on specific skills with purposeful practice is the key to getting better.

So the biggest mistake we see is lack of purposeful practice, game speed practice & consistent work to get better! 

How much do I have to practice?

 Ultimately this comes down to your desire of how good you really want to become!

Depending on which level you are currently at we recommend you practice anywhere from 1-3hrs per day. 

This must be purposeful practice, not playing games with your friends or just 'Shooting around

Working on your weaknesses and replicating the practice we do with you in our sessions.What separates an average player from a great player is the time spent practicing on specific skills to improve your overall game, away from your team practice or 1-on-1 skill sessions.We are here every step of the way but we can’t do it for you!

Do I need to do Strength & Conditioning?

If you are a player 16yrs old + the introduction to Strength & Conditioning is going to be a vital part of your overall training.

Weight training does not stunt growth or effect bone growth, these are all myths that have been around for too long!

Working with our qualified trainers you will work on basic techniques in a safe and injury free manner, your safety is our priority.

Strength and conditioning should be the base of any player looking to improve as this will enable you to work at a higher level for longer, reduce chance of injury and aid recovery. Basketball is a physically demanding game therefore it’s vital you prepare your body, eliminate physical weaknesses and focus on strengthening and conditioning your whole body specifically for basketball.

Do I have to follow a strict nutrition plan?

Food is your fuel, therefore we want to start to establish good eating habits and fuel your body with good whole foods. There is no strict diet we promote and teach eating good whole foods, fresh meat, vegetables, eggs, fruit and drinking lots of water. Nutrition will take as much practice as your on-court basketball skills, it's a long term process and commitment. 

How much support do I get ?

We are here every step of the way, you will be able to contact us at any time with any question or queries you may have, whether it be on-court, strength and condition or nutrition, we are here to help support you in any way we can as ultimate our goal is to make you a better basketball player and human being.

We offer on court small group & 1-to-1 private skill sessions, Strength & Conditioning , Nutrition plan's & Mind -Set training.